Concours d'Elégance Zurich Classic Car Award


Special classes at the ZCCA 2021


- 60th anniversary of the Jaguar E-Type
- Buick Special Guests
- Youngtimer until 2000
- Convertibles
- Fantastic Plastic


THE ZCCA and The Motor Chain will do justice to the increasing importance of seamless and complete documentation of classic cars and will award the special "Best Documented Car" prize for the first time from 2021.

TMC is the initiator of this award. We are proud to have partnered with startup The Motor Chain for this.... You explain your work as follows:

"The Motor Chain" digitizes and manages the vehicle documentation. All documentation about the vehicle is in one place. Owners of the vehicles can document themselves online from their smartphone or computer. Everything from the owner's history, services, investment invoices to original brochures and sales contracts, certifications for events and photos can be stored. Trusted third parties (e.g. mentors, associations, restorers) verify the authenticity of the documents. Store everything permanently and transfer it to a new owner if necessary and share these documents with other enthusiasts. For owners of vehicles, this service is free of charge and free of obligations".


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